Real Church is…

We are a church who proclaims Jesus and His love and grace to a lost and hurting world.

We are a church of unconditional love, acceptance, and forgiveness that offers grace for change.

We are a church who will proclaim the Word of God expressed through the love and grace of Jesus.

We are a church who does life together! We pray and lift others up. We encourage and strengthen each other through our authentic relationships and walk together as we grow in Christ.

We are a church who will teach the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord, that they may know the Real Jesus and His love and grace!

We are a church who will align ourselves with God’s ways and words and will walk in the blessings of the finished work that Jesus did on the cross so that we can be a blessing to others!

We are a church who daily declares our dependency on God and asks Him to work in and through us to be an encouragement and a blessing to those we live with and live around.

We are a church who helps people discover and awaken their God given gifting and purpose so they can truly be fulfilled and bless their family, their church, and their community.

We are a church who will make an impact in our community by leading the change through serving and offering ministries to address the problems and issues of our community. 

We are a church who is more than talk. We are action-oriented and irrationally generous to meet the needs of our church and community.

We are REAL CHURCH - I AM REAL CHURCH and I will see my community changed by the love and Grace of Jesus!