June 24-27 6:30pm
An Event for the Whole Family!

We're taking VBS to a whole 'nother level!
Everyone is invited to attend HEROES, the summer family event for all ages.
Cheer for the heroes and "boo" the villains, all while learning about the greatest SuperHero of all, Jesus. Games, prizes, live music, creative teaching - we've got something to share that every age will enjoy. 
Dress as your favorite superhero or

simply wear the colors of your team (Team Blue or Team Red).
Invite a friend and tell them it's totally free!
See you this Sunday at Real Church 1921 Gunter Avenue in Guntersville!

Get Ready for Heroes with our Story Teaser

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After Heroes the fun doesn't stop!

In July, we do a series called At The Movies. It happens in our kids classes and in the adult auditorium. Every week we'll be looking at what we can learn from popular movies. We've got a great movie schedule with movies to be announced soon! Come to church to eat popcorn, watch movie clips, and hear a powerful sermon!
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