Back in 1982, God called a country boy from Louisiana to full-time ministry. Pastor Norm Hewitt has since ministered in churches around the country and in citiies throughout the world. He earned degrees from Christ for the Nations (Dallas, TX) and Southwestern University (Waxahachie, TX). He met his wife, Liz, while serving on staff at a church in Huntsville, Alabama. As a college student at Auburn, she wasn't interested in dating a preacher boy from Louisiana, but they fell in love and in 1988 "tied the knot." Together, they have published curriculum for children and adults, spoken at national ministry conferences, and recorded musical albums, but their heart has always been for the local church. Their son Samuel was born in 1997. He has been ministering since the age of 3 when he picked up a puppet and began to tell other children about God. At an early age he felt called to ministry and has been actively involved in youth ministry and worship ministry. The Hewitt family loves Guntersville and are glad to be "home."

Ten years ago, Pastor Norm Hewitt was driving in the hills and lakesides of the Guntersville/Albertville area when the Lord dropped into him a dream of a church for the area. He never forgot it. In 2015, the Lord reminded him of that dream, along with the Bible story of the woman at the well. In John 4, we are told that about noon one day, Jesus was sitting at a well alone when a Samaritan woman came by to draw water. He asked her for a drink. Through their conversation, we learn the woman's life was a mess. However, Jesus did not condemn the woman. Instead, He spoke the truth in love, affirmed her worth, corrected her behavior, and revealed Himself. Her life was forever changed. From her testimony, people came to see Jesus for themselves. They said to the woman, "We no longer believe just because of what you said; now we have heard for ourselves, and we know that this man really is the Savior of the world."
(John 4:42) 
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