1. Creative Arts
    Creative Arts includes singers, band, tech, design, video, and photography.
  2. Table Gatherings
    Table Gatherings are our connection points to establish and grow authentic relationships with one another and with God.
  3. Next Gen
    We believe the next generation are the leaders of tomorrow's church.
  4. Hospitality
    From the parking lot welcome team to the door greeters, coffee makers, and info station attendees, we strive to welcome you to Real Church's home base.
  5. Next Steps
    Want to learn more about Real Church? Want to be baptized? Desire to be a part of the Dream Team? Attend Next Steps, a 2-part series of classes which leads you to become an official partner of the Real Church family.
  6. Outreach
    Every Thursday, we lead a Bible Club on "The Hill." We also sponsor the SCAN (Stop Child Abuse and Neglect) program within the Marshall County Schools in conjunction with the Marshall County Advocacy Center.
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